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Twitter is giving away the TweetDeck app for Mac users next month

Twitter has announced that the TweetDeck application on mac will stop working from July 1st. The microblogging platform confirmed that it made this decision to focus on improving the new version of TweetDeck. “July 1st is the last day it will be available,” Twitter said in its tweet this week.

Twitter has already talked about the new preview version of TweetDeck and the platform will be pushing out more invites for people over the next few months to check out the next release. In the meantime, TweetDeck will be available through the web browser.

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Twitter also communicated the news to users of the TweetDeck Mac app via a banner notification on Wednesday. The platform shut down TweetDeck for mobile devices and Windows PCs many years ago, so it was obvious that the Mac version will be phased out in order to bring the brand new TweetDeck that Twitter has been touting for some time now.

TweetDeck is basically used to monitor multiple streams on the main screen to get real-time information from different sources and platforms. The new product is still in the testing phase, so we are not sure about its official release to the public.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that Twitter is fighting over an Elon Musk takeover bid which appears to have slowed down due to various issues. Musk claimed to have arranged the funds to buy the platform, and Twitter’s board apparently accepted the inevitable conclusion.

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So it’s anyone’s guess right now if Twitter will fulfill those product commitments if and when the deal closes. The platform is also working on the long-awaited edit button which should be released before the end of this year.

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