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TUTRRD launches app to bridge the gap between after-school tuition and virtual education

TUTRRD, an online learning and teaching platform for Kindergarten to Grade 12 that focuses on interactive one-on-one learning, has launched an app to bridge the tuition fee gap after school and virtual education.

The platform enables teachers to deliver courses at their convenience and generate additional income for themselves, providing personalized, convenient and affordable learning solutions to students of all boards.

The platform’s announcement was made on Childhood Day, that is, November 14, 2021, via a webinar with the app going live on Android. The platform has integrated more than 500 teachers and aims to integrate around 5,000 teachers by the end of this fiscal year in March 2022. The application is currently only available on the Android Play Store.

Divya Tej Pereira, CEO and Founder of TUTRRD, said: “I firmly believe that teaching and learning should not be limited to geographic boundaries. When the education system moved online, there was a heavy reliance on technology to run classes. “

“There was a growing need to include the human element in this era of content learning. Additionally, the number of students was huge and personalization was becoming a challenge for schools and colleges,” Pereira said. .

Pereira also said: “This is how the idea for Tutrrd was born, where we focused on delivering a personalized learning experience that was lacking in the market. ”

How it works

The Tutrrd app offers a seamless user experience, where students can book personalized one-on-one lessons with teachers based on their areas of interest and educational needs. Dependence on private lessons has been shown to improve student performance at all levels of education.

Teaching is mainly focused on basic academics. However, with personalization, teachers can assist in the full holistic development of students, thereby increasing their disposable income.

India’s online mentoring market

The Indian online tutoring market offers more than tutoring sites on the Internet; it also offers tuition services that use virtual worlds to teach and provide personalized virtual attention to students.

The growth of the online tutoring market has been attributed to several factors, including the adoption of higher education, the outbreak of COVID-19, and improved accessibility to technology. By 2022, the market is expected to reach $ 9 billion.

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Posted on: Friday November 19, 2021 1:52 PM IST