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Tumblr issues sweeping tag ban to stay on the app store

Tumblr has released an update that bans a wide variety of tags in order to avoid being removed from the iOS App Store.

The microblogging and social networking website has released an update to its iOS App Store in recent days, and one particular thing stands out. “We are continuing to review the list of tags that are not accessible in the iOS app,” read the vague statement on the official website of the changes on Tumblr.

This appears to be an attempt to stay within the strict security guidelines of the Apple App Store by restricting the type of content that iOS users can access through the Tumblr app.

This actually amounts to a sprawling list of tags that will no longer work for users of the Tumblr app for iPhone and iPad. Not all of them are what you would call X-rated.

Some of these seemingly harmless words and phrases are highlighted – and largely mocked – on Twitter.

For example, terms such as “sad”, “girl”, “the queue” and “me” have been blocked. By essentially censoring some of these everyday terms, Tumblr appears to have actively crippled the basic functioning of the service.

In a related blog post, Tumblr assures its users that “on the near horizon there will be significant developments that will overhaul the way you choose to access sensitive content securely on Tumblr,” and that the company “is working on additional features that will allow a less restricted iOS application experience.”

Tumblr and Apple have been at odds for several years now. In 2018, we reported the removal of Tumblr from the App Store due to the amount of porn it hosted. The app was returned to the App Store at the end of the same year following the service’s crackdown on adult content.

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