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Trump’s social app Truth launches without social media

Photo illustration: Stefani Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

Former president and failed blogger Donald Trump’s app, the MAGA-enabled Twitter clone, has launched in Apple’s App Store, but the network itself doesn’t seem at all ready for prime time – or at least for real users. While Trump’s Truth Social platform app is far more tangible than the branded meat he once claimed to sell, it’s not clear that anyone who downloaded the app was able to post their own ” truths” (this is what the network calls tweets) or see, like or “Reverence” someone else.

the new York Times reported Friday that the Truth Social network, which has apparently been in beta since December, was originally scheduled to launch to the public on President’s Day, but the launch date had to be pushed back to late March. At the beginning of January, the Washington To post reported on the slow progress, noting that it could take months for the network to be fully functional, that it was unclear whether the project was adequately staffed or not, and that Trump was frustrated by the pace of development, especially since he had turned down offers to partner with other right-wing social media startups, including already-launched sites Gettr and Parler.

So it looks like Trump Media & Technology Group — the parent company behind Truth Social run by Devin Nunes, a former California congressman and alleged dairy farmer who unsuccessfully tried to sue a tweeting cow — just decided to publish. the app itself. The iOS app, which was the No. 1 free app in the App Store on Monday, is at least somewhat functional: Like the Truth Social website, it allows people to sign up for the waitlist to become users if and when the network becomes usable. But there was also widespread anecdotal reports of people experiencing a series of technical problems when trying to create accounts. (By the way, Truth Social has, for some reason, decided to call its users “Truth Sayers” – not “Truthers”.)

Android users will have to wait to join the waitlist using an app; Android Truth Social app status is always “coming soon”. Another potential problem for Truth Social, other than its derivative website designis the investigation by federal regulators into the SPAC merger that Trump Media & Technology Group is attempting.

Regardless of the various heists, the Republican Party has already circulated texts promoting the availability of the premature iOS app, in apparent part of the GOP’s continued evolution into a marketer for a private citizen. aggrieved and his private for-profit enterprises. .