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This is the end of the line for the TweetDeck app for Mac users

It’s the end of the line for the TweetDeck app on Mac, as Twitter announced. The app will stop working from July 1, and the platform mentioned in the announcement that this decision to retire the app was made to focus on improving a newer version of TweetDeck. July 1 will be the last day Mac users can use TweetDeck on their devices.

The micro-blogging platform has already shared information about the preview version of TweetDeck and it will be rolling it out to invite people over the next few months to let them experience the new version. In the meantime, if you need to use TweetDeck and don’t have an invite, you can use it through the web browser.

TweetDeck users on Mac were notified of the development via a banner notification on Wednesday. Essentially the desktop app for TweetDeck on Mac is one of the last to go, Twitter shutting down TweetDeck for mobile and Windows PC years ago. So it was only a matter of time before the Mac version was also removed to make way for the brand new version.

In case you’ve never used it, TweetDeck is a platform that can be used to monitor multiple streams on the main screen while getting real-time information from sources and platforms. TweetDeck is useful for those who manage multiple accounts on the platform and need to keep track of each one in real time. You can also tweet about all these different handles via TweetDeck instead of having to go back to the normal Twitter app/page.

The new version of TweetDeck is still being tested, so there is no information available yet on exactly when we might see the official version go public.

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