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Tech professor highlights gaps in app’s privacy settings

The federal privacy commissioner recently ruled that the Tim Hortons app violated privacy laws when it collected location data about those who downloaded it, but a tech blogger says the practice doesn’t It’s nothing new and apps collect all kinds of information about users.

The concern with the Tim Hortons app was that users’ movements were being tracked and logged every few minutes of each day, even when the app was not open.

The problem first surfaced when James McLeod, a former Telegram reporter, wrote an article for the Financial Times.

Technology professor, podcaster and blogger, Kevin Andrews claims the app has some four million active users who were unknowingly being tracked through geotagging.

He says digital geolocation privacy issues are nothing new, and many apps collect user information.

“Take Facebook for example,” says Andrews, “the giant social media business model is…built around collecting, processing, and monetizing all of your personal information.” He says that while privacy settings have improved, there are still a lot of gaps.

One of these gaps concerns the data collected when you take and post a photo on Facebook.

It says you can turn off GPS location on your phone’s camera, but if you think that’s good enough, think again. Andrews says the image still contains digital information that companies use and leverage.