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Sifu won’t be multiplayer, but a bunch of free content updates instead

The kung fu fighting game Sifu has launched to great acclaim on PS5 and PS4, but its journey is not over.

Developer Sloclap has announced that it is working on several free post-launch content updates for the game.

“We wanted you to know that part of the team behind Sifu is already working on post-launch content,” community manager Felix Garczynski said in a statement. PlayStation blog post.

“We have exciting plans for free content updates which we will be able to tell you more about soon! Stay tuned for more and enjoy your experience with Sifu!”

However, in an interview with clearance boltGarczynski confirmed that one feature fans have been asking for won’t be coming to the game in future updates: multiplayer.

“Sifu will remain single-player only,” Garczynski said.

“We’re an indie studio with limited means, and we wanted the team to focus on creating an immersive and distinctive single-player experience.”

Analysis: what can we expect?

While the blog post doesn’t go into detail about what the free updates will include, we can make some educated predictions about where Sifu might go. A short game based on a refined core combat system, there are plenty of extras Sloclap could add on top.

We might see additional story content in the form of new levels, more secondary content, additional game modes, or challenge rooms for players to perfect their martial arts. It’s also possible that the game will receive more bosses or change its existing content.

There’s also the matter of the game’s difficulty. Sifu is no walk in the park, requiring you to master his combat if you hope to go all the way. While this high difficulty cap is part of the game’s appeal, Sloclap may wish to expand its audience through optional difficulty settings or introduce an additional challenge option for sadistic Sifu.

As Garczynski points out, Sloclap is a small studio, so don’t expect free content updates to come too soon.