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Save 71% on a date-focused note-taking app to replace your traditional notepad

Prices and availability of offers may change after posting.

TL; DR: As of May 14, Agenda Premium 14: a date-focused note-taking app, costs just $9.99. It’s usually $34, or 71% off.

Getting organized and staying organized is all about developing positive habits. And when it comes to work projects, daily to-do lists, and long-term ventures, building those habits starts with taking solid notes.

agenda, a Apple Design Award-winning app, can help you on the road to organization. The date-focused note-taking app lets you get a complete picture of the past, present, and future of any project, including personal projects, major work projects, and everything in between. rest. It’s free and has no time limit, but premium features come at a cost. For a limited time, you can unlock a year of premium features (which are then yours forever) for just $9.99 ($34 value).

The app works seamlessly on macOS, iPadOS, and iOS devices. It integrates with your Calendar and Reminder apps to provide a new way to organize your time. Plus, you can attach photos, tables, tags, links, and lists to personalize your notes. Take screenshots during business meetings and add them to your action items. Add links to inspirational posts for your blog brainstorming notes. Keep a log of every step of your programming project so you can roll back to previous versions if needed. Tag your notes to separate your personal projects from your professional ones. Everything is customizable and designed to help you stay organized and productive.

Need to find an older note? There’s a powerful search function, project jump bar, and related notes list that lets you jump back in time. You can also add the most relevant notes to your home screen or notification center for quick and easy access.

Here’s a detailed look at the app to get a better idea of ​​all it can do:

Download Agenda 14 for free and unlock premium features released next year for just $9.99. That’s a 71% reduction from the usual cost.

Prices subject to change.

Credit: Agenda