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Paint app update for Windows 11 Insiders brings new dialogs for changing colors, resizing and skewing

Microsoft is rolling out an update to the Windows 11 Insider Paint app in the Developer Channel. It makes some changes to the basic functionality of the built-in drawing tool. In case you missed it, Microsoft released Paint with a new design in September.

What’s new in the Paint app update for Windows 11

Change colors

Ms Paint old version change colors

The latest update to the application changes the Edit Colors dialog box. It still has the 48 color palette, but the icons are no longer square, nor in an 8 by 6 grid. The new style has rounded icons in a 12 by 4 grid. The circles correspond to the icons in the toolbar, so that’s a nice touch.

MS Paint color name display

While the old version of Paint let you save 16 custom colors, the new app lets you save up to 30 colors. It is slightly easier to add custom colors, just click the plus button and choose a color.

You can display the name of a color by hovering the mouse over an icon in the Edit Colors palette, this also works with custom colors and the Spectrum area on the left. Speaking of which, the box looks sharper than the old design.

Microsoft Paint HSV application

The color preview area has been replaced with a vertical bar, which is better. The slider next to it has also received a modern design. In addition to showing the RGB values, the new Paint app also shows the hex color code, which I’m sure can be useful for artists or developers. You can choose to display hue, saturation, and value color codes by clicking the RGB icon, this is a drop-down menu and selecting the HSV option.

Resize and Skew

Ms Paint old version resize and tilt

The Resize and Skew dialog box has also been changed in the new Paint application. Icons for Horizontal, Vertical values ​​have been removed. You can choose between Percent and Pixel values, and enter the values ​​in the boxes, there is no change here. The only other difference between old and newer dialogs is that the application no longer has the ability to keep the aspect ratio of the image.

MS Paint resize and tilt

Other changes in the new Paint app

Shift-clicking on a color swatch will set it as a secondary gradient. Microsoft says it fixed an issue with the IME entry that caused text boxes to move unexpectedly. The update also comes with improved localization for some dialogs in Hebrew, Dutch, Norwegian, and other languages. The update release notes indicate that the Paint app has better support for screen readers.

The current version of the program is Microsoft Paint 11.2110.0.0, it is available in the stable version of Windows 11. The new version, which was released on the OS development channel, has the version number 11.2110.43.0 . Open the Microsoft Store and download the update for the Paint app, it is around 14MB in size.

There is still no dark mode for Paint, but it will arrive in a future update.

I think these quality of life updates make Paint better, it’s clearly more than a scribble pad and screen printing tool. What do you think of the new design?


Paint app gets new design for Edit Colors, Resize, and Skew dialogs

Article name

Paint app gets new design for Edit Colors, Resize, and Skew dialogs

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Microsoft is rolling out an update to the Windows 11 Insider Paint app that changes dialog boxes to change colors, resize, and skew.




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