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New ranking of Gig app providers is working wonders

What is your concert? Driver? Videographer? Blogger ? Personal buyer? It’s a long list.

Here in the gig economy, people don’t just sit around waiting for the phone to ring or the email to arrive. They tap on an app and it’s all there – a self-contained world with all the information you need to bring your talents and abilities to the party – with a joy that only freelancers fully grasp.

With that cheerful spirit, we present to you the latest edition of the PYMNTS Provider Rankings of Gig Applications.

It’s our gig, and we think it’s pretty important. This month’s leaderboard is very special in that we have a new name right at the top, it’s a big one, and it doesn’t happen often.

Stop by for this 3 minute read on who’s up and who’s down in the gig giddyap app.

The Top 5

Blow the trumpets. It’s a historic moment (at least for this ranking) as the Uber Driver app goes up one place to take first place. Cries of joy echo through Silicon Valley as we write.

Elsewhere in the Bay Area, the longtime king of that DoorDash ranking may not be celebrating his new No.2 rank, but these things are clearly changing without notice. Don’t stop rushing.

The Instacart Shopper app is cool at # 3, maybe in aisle 5 with a cupcake.

Amazon Flex is also unchanged, still at # 4.

We love funny typos and digital quirks, which explains our tireless fun that the Fiverr app continues to stick at # 5. Got it? You might be less amused. It is quite subjective.

The Top 10

The Grubhub for Drivers app is another big winner this cycle, which rose three positions in the leaderboards to grab No.6 this month. We expected some movement on this one – and that’s what happened.

The Upwork app has no trouble retaining 7th place. If only all the concerts were this stable.

Meanwhile, in another part of San Francisco, Lyft Driver turns him upside down, tumbling two positions since last month to park him at No.8 this time around. Happens at best.

The Freelancer app also fell – a position in this case – to # 9. As we like to remind all app applicants, staying in the Top 10 is a win, whether you’re up or down. .

Coming in at # 10 like last month, we have the TaskRabbit app, recently featured in our close monitoring of disbursements. Definitely worth a look.

This concludes this part of the ranking of Gig application providers. Until next time, good concert.



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