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Lost Ark’s Next Story Episode Launches In March With New Endgame Content

Lost Ark will bring the Korean version content to the rest of the world starting this month.


We’re almost a month into the launch of Lost Ark, and while some nagging issues remain for European players of the game, most would say Lost Ark has been a smash hit. Millions of players are enjoying Lost Ark and many have already reached the level cap. For these gamers, Amazon has good news.

In one blog update posted today, Amazon has promised that more content from the Korean version of Lost Ark will be coming to the rest of the world starting this month. Although a full roadmap will be shown later, today’s teaser promised a new end-game activity and a new story episode to continue your journey in Arkesia.

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The Story Episode – Kadan will introduce a new storyline, new quests, new locations, and new cutscenes. The story will feature both new and returning characters, learn more about Sidereals, and the search for the legendary Kadan, the first Guardian Slayer. It will also feature Isteri and Illusion Bamboo islands to explore.

lost ark kadan
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Players will need to have completed Feiton and a few previous quests to access the Kadan story episode. Players are also advised to have reached item level 1100 before attempting.

Abyss Raids is coming soon as new Lost Ark endgame content. Similar to Guardian Raids, Abyss Raids feature harder and more dangerous challenges that must be completed before a timer expires. Each Abyss Guardian will have three distinct phases, with each phase becoming more difficult and featuring new mechanics and attacks. Each phase also has its own reward which can be collected once a week.

Argos will be available through Abyss Raid statues in major cities. Players must form a full party of eight and meet level requirements before participating.

Amazon too recently updated Lost Ark players on the main issues facing the game. Issues with Crystalline Auras not activating or disappearing have been resolved, with the next issue on the list being matchmaking issues, especially in the EU Central region. A long-term fix is ​​in the works with an ETA to be shared as soon as possible. You can also expect a full roadmap of new content to come as well.

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