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Koo App Is APAC’s Most Popular Social Media Product, Says Report

The microblogging platform Koo became the most popular social media brand in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region in a report created by the US product analysis company Amplitude. The 2021 Product Report ranked the Koo app – which enables self-expression in mother tongues – as 3rd in APAC’s list of the next 5 most popular digital products.

Other brands listed in the report are financial technology companies and recruiting products. Koo is also one of only two Indian brands (CoinDCX being the other) to find a mention in the prestigious report.

Amplitude’s behavioral graph data showcases the most popular emerging digital products from around the world that are shaping our digital lives. The report describes the Koo app as a “social media platform with a unique differentiator for its predominantly Indian user base”. He further states that Koo is “on the verge of becoming the social media platform of choice for a community of over 1 billion.”

As a multilingual microblogging platform, the Koo app has garnered more than 15 million users in the span of 20 months since its launch in March 2020 and offers its offerings in nine Indian languages. Backed by robust technologies and innovative language translation features, Koo is expected to cross 100 million downloads over the next year.

The Amplitude Report tapped into “Fast Growing Products” and analyzed aggregated monthly user data to identify companies that may become the “next last names.” Amplitude specifically took into account companies that define themselves by their rich digital experience and those that have shown exponential growth in the total number of monthly active users over a 13-month period from June 2020 to June 2021.