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Koo app empowers new voters to vote with a multilingual guide to rights and responsibilities ahead of the polls

New Delhi: On the eve of National Voters Day, the microblogging platform – Koo – has released a multilingual guide to voters’ rights and responsibilities, with the aim of empowering new voters to make informed decisions in the upcoming elections in the Legislative Assembly.

The Koo Voter’s Guide focuses on the basic rights of the Indian voter as enshrined in the Constitution of India and lists the responsibilities that voters must consider before and after voting. It reflects Koo App’s efforts – as a transparent, impartial and trusted social media intermediary – to improve voter awareness and build trust in the electoral process.

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As the largest platform enabling native language expression, the Koo Voters Guide is available in Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi and English – for the benefit of new voters in all poll-bound states.

Building on the theme of National Voters Day 2022 – Voter Literacy for a Stronger Democracy – the Koo Voter’s Guide reiterates the importance of voting as a central pillar of a democracy and the need to increase the voter education for free and fair elections.

According to Aprameya Radhakrishna, CEO and co-founder of Koo, “Voting is a fundamental right granted to all citizens in a democracy. Every vote counts, and so to empower and educate new voters to exercise this crucial right wisely, we launched this informative Koo Voter Guide ahead of National Voter Day. As a multilingual micro-blogging platform that salutes India’s linguistic diversity, we have published this guide in four languages ​​to enrich every voter’s knowledge and build confidence in the electoral process. As an unbiased, open and trustworthy platform, The Koo App is a signatory to the ‘Voluntary Code of Ethics’ created by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), which aspires to the transparent use of social media during elections. We will follow the guidelines laid down by the Election Commission of India to ensure that the Koo app is optimally leveraged to bring about positive and progressive change in society.

National Voter’s Day is observed on January 25 every year to mark the founding of the Election Commission of India, which was established in 1950. First initiated in 2011, National Voter’s Day aims to encourage and to maximize the registration of new voters.

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