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How to Reduce Tumblr App Data Usage on iOS / Android

This tutorial covers how to reduce data usage of Tumblr app on iOS / Android. We will do our best to make sure you understand this guide. I hope you will like this blog How to Reduce Tumblr App Data Usage on iOS / Android. If your answer is yes, please share after reading this.

Check out how to reduce Tumblr app data usage on iOS / Android

Tumblr is both a blogging platform and a social network. You can use it exclusively for blogging or exclusively for social networking with other users, or you can do both. The power of this rig really stands out when you use it all at once. Once you start using Tumblr, you’ll likely notice a lot of similarities between Tumblr and other popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Instagram. While “blogging” has traditionally been more about writing, Tumblr is actually very visual and tends to post short blog posts with photos, animated GIFs, and videos.

The more you use Tumblr, the more trends you can spot on the platform, giving you clues about what users like to see and share. A Tumblr post can go viral within hours and even appear on other social networks. Imagine if you could get your posts to do it! It’s easy to get started with Tumblr, but the following slides provide some key tips and advice to make your Tumblr presence and experience the best it can be.

Signing up for a Tumblr account on or even through one of the free mobile apps is free. All you need is an email address, password, and username. Your username will appear as the URL of your Tumblr blog, which you can access by going to your username in your preferred web browser. Here are some tips on how to choose a unique Tumblr username that isn’t in use yet. Tumblr will ask you to confirm your age and that you are human before asking questions about your interests.

A GIF grid will appear, from which you can choose the five areas of interest that interest you the most. Once you’ve clicked on five interests that help Tumblr recommend blogs for you to follow, you’ll be taken to your Tumblr dashboard. You will also be asked to confirm your account by email. Your dashboard will show you a feed of the latest blog posts from the users you follow, along with various post icons at the top that you can use to create your own posts.

How to Reduce Tumblr App Data Usage on Android and iOS

How you can save data in Android

  • First of all, in your control panel; you need to click on the Account icon and then click on the settings icon, which is mostly in the form of a gear.
  • You will now see an icon known as General Settings; press it. Now you need to scroll down a bit to the section called Loading and Unloading.
  • You will then see the data saver mode switch; just turn it on and go.

How you can save data in iOS

  • First, tap on the Account icon and then choose one of your blogs.
  • Now you need to open the settings menu and tap on General settings.
  • Now scroll down a bit and just tap on the option that was tagged via autoplay media.
  • Next, you need to tap on the option labeled Wi-Fi only.

Final Words: How to Reduce Tumblr App Data Usage on iOS / Android

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