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HCP engagement in 2022 — The HLD HCP communication report

2021 has had an indelible and permanent impact on the provider landscape for both healthcare professionals and marketers who need to reach this powerful and valuable audience. This year, Healthlink Dimensions’ HCP Communication Report 2022 captures providers’ changing perspectives on their work, their goals, and how they interact with marketing tools and outreach.

Our definitive guide gives HCP marketers the information they need to reach healthcare professionals when they’re most receptive to engagement by capturing shifting attitudes affecting providers through the pandemic and its aftermath. . This annual report helps HCP marketers build successful outreach and engagement strategies around key industry changes by answering the following questions:

• What methods do providers prefer for marketing outreach—and why?

• What roles do educational materials play in connecting with providers—and in helping providers connect with their patients?

• Which outreach methods will deliver the best conversion rates in 2022?

The results of these surveys come directly from suppliers, surveyed across the country. Since Healthlink Dimensions conducts these interviews on an annual basis, the 2022 report reveals ongoing trends tracked over time, not just the immediate reactions of healthcare professionals to current conditions. There’s no better source for what drives these key purchasing influencers, as the demands of their jobs are rapidly changing the way they work.

Find out what’s on the minds of vendors and what that means for marketers looking to connect with them. Download your copy today to find out how suppliers have responded to everything from COVID and excessive work demands to government mandates such as no-surprise law. Then visit our blog here for an ongoing series of deeper dives into the data and what it means for healthcare marketers in 2022.