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Google Chrome gets a ‘Travels’ tab for exploring old websites on desktop

After recently changing the Chrome logo after nearly 8 years, Google announced new features for the Chrome desktop app. The company has introduced a new “Travels” feature that provides easy access to previously visited websites on the history page. This feature aims to help users resume “past crawls” in Chrome that may have been interrupted in some way.

Google Chrome gains new ‘Travels’ feature and more

Google recently shared an official blog post to announce the Journeys feature for Chrome on desktop. It is above all a dedicated service tab that contains a timeline and a custom timeline of previously visited websites, grouped by theme. Users can now visit the Journeys page under History to explore their past activities on Chrome and visit other websites that might be relevant to them.

They can also search for a related keyword and click the “Resume your search” option to visit a site that was abandoned before, even if it was weeks ago.

Google Chrome History Trails Page

Yana Yushkina, Product Manager of Chrome at Google, mentioned that in addition to displaying previously visited websites in a grouped view, Journeys “Even consider your interactions with a site to bring the most relevant information to the fore, while giving you helpful suggestions on related searches you might want to try next.”

Google says users will have control of Chrome’s new feature. This means that users can always delete their entire browsing history to clear their Trips tab or remove individual items or groups from the Journey page. Additionally, they can completely disable Journeys from Chrome’s settings.

Regarding availability, Google indicates that Journeys is rolling out the latest version of Chrome for desktop on any platform. However, at the time of writing this article, it was not available to us at Beebom.

Google also announced new Chrome actions for its desktop version, which allow users to quickly access certain functions directly from the Chrome address bar. Google added Chrome Actions to its web browser with Chrome 87 in 2020. However, it had limited options back then. Now the company has added more actions like Manage settings, customize Chrome, share this tab, play Dino game, and more.. Google plans to add more actions, in the future, and also bring Chrome actions to its mobile apps.

Apart from this, Google has also started rolling out new Chrome widgets on Android. The company has added Chrome widgets of different sizes that allow users to open text search, voice search, goal search and an incognito tab right from the home screen. There is also a dedicated Chrome Dino game widget.

Google Chrome Widgets on Android

Widgets are currently rolling out for Android users and can be added to the home screen by long-pressing the Google Chrome icon. It is further revealed that Google will launch more new Chrome features this year. Therefore, stay tuned for more updates.