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Deniz Guney: A rising star in mobile app development

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Posted: Tuesday February 1st 2022, 04:55 PM [IST]

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Deniz Güney is the Founder and CEO of Rocket Digital Limited, a mobile app development company that has created products used by over two million people in over 150 countries in just two years. His work has reached over a million readers per month.

Deniz Guney: A rising star in mobile app development

Deniz Güney created his first website when he was in high school in the small town of Northeim, Germany. The challenges of web design and regular expressions led him to collaborate with a close friend after school hours for several months, learning programming by trial and error. “I would always learn everything step by step. If I wanted to add a new feature, I would just learn how to code it and then implement it,” Deniz said. Once their projects were completed, they posted them online for everyone to see, so others could benefit along the way.

“People were happy with our work and started asking us to build websites for them too,” he said.

Business grew from there and he started getting into mobile app development. Starting with Java, later Swift and finally Flutter due to its speed and simplicity.

Deniz Güney strongly believes in quality and usability when building an app or website, and he enjoyed the freedom that comes with being his own boss. “I always choose to do something that I love,” he said. He loves programming because of its challenges and opportunities for self-expression, which means every day at Rocket Digital is different from the last. “Every time you code something new, you create art,” Deniz said.

Today, many applications of Rocket Digital Limited have been featured on App Store and Google Play Store in several countries in Europe, Asia and North America. With this success comes some pressure: customer demand grows exponentially as the popularity of the business grows. New projects are submitted every day and everyone at Rocket Digital Limited must work hard to meet the company’s high quality standards. Although they have so many ideas for new apps, they spend a lot of time adding new features to their existing apps.

Many people who come to Rocket Digital Limited want to increase their exposure by reaching more customers through mobile apps or websites. Some of these entrepreneurs have great ideas but need funding to grow; others hire Rocket Digital Limited as a digital marketing agency because they see it as an effective way to grow their business from within.

Deniz Güney said that entrepreneurship is about taking risks and being willing to learn from experience. He had the chance to not only turn his hobby of programming into a profitable business, but also to give back by helping other aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals through technology.

“You shouldn’t be afraid to try new things,” he said. “I’ve invested in several failed projects, but now I’m seeing tenfold returns on my investment.” Deniz Güney is also an avid blogger who shares his stories and knowledge through online publications. Visitors can see his work on his Instagram profile “gun3ro” or visit his company’s website

Deniz Güney will continue to be creative, inspire others with his drive to succeed, and help entrepreneurs achieve their goals through technology. At the moment, he is working on a market for NFTs and plans to develop a full-fledged NFT game.


Article first published: Tuesday, February 1, 2022, 4:55 p.m. [IST]