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Content of the future New World update detailed by the developers

Amazon Games devs have detailed what’s to come in the next New world Update and beyond, including 3v3 PVP Arenas and Expedition Mutators.

Although the number of players has stabilized somewhat, there is still a healthy community playing New world and Amazon Games shows no signs of stopping development anytime soon. Now, one of the most exciting elements of the 2022 roadmap will soon make its debut: 3v3 PVP Arenas.

New world May 2022 Update Launches 3v3 PVP Arenas and More

First of all, the month of May 2022 New world The update will launch 3v3 PVP Arenas, allowing you to jump straight into structured PVP action without having to hunt around the open world to find someone to fight.

“It’s basically on-demand PVP,” explained New world David Hall, Head of Player Experience. “So you can just jump into the game, go to the mode screen, hit ‘Join Queue’ and get yourself into a match really quickly. You can queue on your own if you want to. wish, you can queue with your friend, or with both friends and just have a full team of three, if you queue alone you will end up in a team of three, but we will put you in touch with players of similar level.

This new 3v3 PVP Arena experience aims to provide a low risk combat experience – you won’t take any durability damage and players will receive consumables for combat, so the only thing at stake in this battle is your Pride.

Expeditions get a bit more varied with the addition of Expedition Mutators which have been explained in detail earlier this week. For example, the “Explosive” Mutator causes enemies to explode on death. According to the developers, high mutations are so difficult that they were unable to complete them.

These are just a few of the many changes underway; you can read the full blog post for a summary or you can watch the May 2022 Developer Update video above for more details on these new features and everything coming in the future. If you haven’t gotten into Amazon Games’ MMORPG yet, you can to buy New world for PC through Steam starting at $39.99 or your regional equivalent.