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9 recipe websites for college students to find delicious food for dorms

Already exploded this week’s take-out budget and it’s only Tuesday? If you can’t afford to order another set of DoorDash and you’re tired of your campus meal plans, the only other option is to cook for yourself.

But don’t dismiss the idea right away: cooking doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. These nine student recipe websites have mouth-watering, dorm-friendly meals that you can cook on your own while juggling your college workload.

1. Budget bytes: Good food for all budgets

The goal behind Budget Bytes is simple: good, delicious food that doesn’t break the bank. With hundreds of recipes available, former microbiologist Beth has spent over a decade formulating these tasty and healthy recipes.

In fact, her love for cooking started when she was a recent graduate who wanted to eat good food – but didn’t have the money (sounds like someone you know? 😉)

The website is home to recipes from around the world. Better yet, each recipe has a cost breakdown by ingredient. While each recipe’s spice list might seem a little intimidating at first, you’ll notice they repeat themselves in heaps of recipes, so they’re well worth the investment. While not all recipes are dorm friendly, this is a great place for inspiration!

2. More ramen: Recipes for each dietary restriction

If you want your recipes to be both inexpensive and undemanding, then head over to this great recipe website for students. Blog moderator Agatha has stacked a range of recipes based on every dietary restriction, including gluten allergies, lactose intolerance, and diabetes.

The blog is built around the concept of the spoon theory – that everyone has a certain reservoir of energy, or “spoons,” and engaging in daily tasks depletes that reservoir, leaving few or no spoons for. prepare our meals.

No More Ramen is packed with nutritious recipes that require little to no effort using ingredients you often already have on hand, perfect for anyone looking to whip up a hassle-free meal.

Cooking with other students in your dorm is a great way to split the cost of ingredients and make new friends. Photo: Freepik / Freepik

The Student Food Project was started by students at the University of Portsmouth in 2015. With contributions from over 15 countries, this student recipe website is now hugely popular among the global student community. It has a wide selection of breakfasts, snacks, and dinners to choose from, as well as options for vegetarians, vegans, and those looking for a healthier choice.

Besides the recipes, there are a large number of gourmet items, perfect for any gourmet. Last year, the group also launched their book titled Student kitchen in confinement, with 10 quick and easy recipes using only wardrobe ingredients.

This website is a great choice if you are feeling adventurous on a weekend getaway or craving Asian food. Started by college student Emily in her freshman year, the blog aims to share “simple, healthy recipes that [college students] can do under the burden and stress of school and time management.

You can find everything from simple comfort foods like spaghetti in thick tomato sauce to more refined delicacies like Thai coconut shrimp curry. There is a neat recipe index where you can view the entire collection of recipes. The blog also has a collection of recipes with four ingredients or less, perfect for those new to cooking.

5. BBC Good Food: Great food comes in all shapes, sizes and budgets

Great food doesn’t need expensive ingredients – that’s the motto of BBC Good Food which offers a plethora of cheap and cheerful recipes for college students. A glance at their homepage will tell you that all of their recipes are easy to cook, complete, and perfect for beginners. Even if you are a big food lover, there are videos that show you the best way to chop onions or slice watermelons.

Want to impress your date with a homemade meal? This site has tons of options for a date, dinner with friends, or just to cook something up when you only have 20 minutes. Aspiring chefs can also sign up for masterclasses on the website, where culinary experts offer advice and teach you techniques that will take your cooking skills to the next level.

Cooking is cheaper and more nutritious than take out food, which fuels your studies and your social life. Photo: seivpetro / Freepik

6. $ 5 Dinners: Food for a five (or less)

True to its name, $ 5 Dinners is dedicated to helping you create meals for $ 5 per plate or less. $ 5 Dinners is the brainchild of food blogger Erin Chase who started the blog in 2008 when gas prices were skyrocketing and she was forced to cut back on groceries. As a result, the recipes are ideal for cash-strapped college students who want a hearty meal without breaking the bank.

$ 5 Dinners has a comprehensive index where you can search for recipes based on the ingredients you have available or your dietary restrictions. The blog also offers you grocery budget plans and helpful but simple cooking tips and tricks for planning budget meals at college. If you want to take it a step further, you can also sign up for one of Chase’s cooking classes.

seven. Delicious: Build a meal around any ingredient

You can cook a full meal using just one (yes, just one) ingredient with our next Yummly recommendation. This student-friendly recipe website focuses on providing delicious recipes that require minimal ingredients.

Yummly also has a cool meal planning feature which can help you plan your meals using all the ingredients in your kitchen. You just type each ingredient in your fridge into their search bar, and this website will tell you what you can create using those items. This helps reduce food waste by using whatever is available to you. You can also choose recipes based on your favorite cuisine.

8. damn delicious: appetizing foods for all occasions

Damn Delicious was created by Chungah, a Korean woman, during her studies. His cooking ideas, which took off on Tumblr 10 years ago, have now grown into one of the country’s most popular recipe sites. Here you’ll find recipes, tutorials, and videos focused on quick meals anyone can cook.

Whatever the occasion, there are hundreds of recipes depending on the season, ingredient or cuisine. From simple all-in-one dishes to simmered delicacies, there is something for everyone on this site. The homepage features the latest recipes of the season, so you don’t even have to look too far for a delicious option or a trendy recipe.

“Cooking takes way too long” – unless you’ve checked out the easy recipes on the Minimalist Baker. This website has redefined the word “baker” to mean someone who makes more than just desserts. There are tons of healthy and nutritious recipes out there, both sweet and savory. In fact, the team adds new recipes every three days and is attentive to all kinds of dietary needs, from vegan to gluten-free.

The minimalist baker also offers recipes with 10 ingredients or less (it’s like it’s made for broke and lazy students 😂). Each recipe takes a maximum of 30 minutes to prepare, leaving plenty of time for your homework and other activities.

As these websites have proven, cooking mouth-watering foods doesn’t necessarily require you to have Nigella Lawson’s well-stocked kitchen or Gordon Ramsay’s cutting skills. With a plan in hand from one of these student recipe websites, you will soon become the formidable leader of your college group.