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7 TikTok stats show the impact of combining paid and organic content

TikTok shares new data showing how brands can benefit from adding organic content to their marketing strategy if they primarily post paid ads.

Ads can be an effective way for brands to quickly gain thousands of views on TikTok. Although it takes more than advertising to turn those views into conversions.

TikTok data reveals that users are unlikely to be won over by ads alone. They want to see brands post organic content in addition to paid and sponsored content.

In a blog post, TikTok calls this an “always engaged” approach:

“An Always Engaged strategy uses organic and paid assets, while leveraging creators to help brands achieve unique business goals.

This integrated approach enables brands to be dynamic, engaged and active on the platform, resulting in increased brand love, recall and resonance. »

The following section contains seven stats illustrating what TikTok says can be accomplished by posting organic and paid content.

Why post a mix of organic and paid content on TikTok?

1. 79% of users prefer brands that “get” TikTok

TikTok finds that 79% of users prefer brands that show they understand how to create for the platform.

Posting a mix of content is a way to demonstrate to potential customers that your brand is using TikTok outside of ad serving.

2. 2 times more ROAS

TikTok finds that organic engagement with paid media leads to incremental ROAS (return on ad spend) compared to running paid media alone.

In Branded Hashtag Challenges, TikTok observed a 2x increase in ROAS for brands that also participated on the platform organically.

3. A third of TikTok users are influenced by other creators

Along with running your own ads, another way to get your brand message across is to partner with other creators.

One in three TikTok users say they’ve been inspired to buy something recommended by a creator on the platform.

4. 173% increase in brand awareness

Publishing a mix of content increases brand awareness.

TikTok measured a 173% increase in awareness after two exposures to a brand’s content on the platform.

5. 20% increase in brand affinity

Organic content is said to be more likeable after seeing a paid ad, leading to a 20% increase in brand affinity.

6. 27% increase in brand recall

Organic content can increase brand recall by up to 27% if viewed before seeing a paid ad.

7. 18% increase in brand relevance:

A brand’s organic content is more relevant to users after seeing a paid ad.

Data from TikTok shows an 18% increase in the number of users who say a brand’s organic content is relevant after first being exposed to an ad.

In summary

Publishing a combination of organic and paid content has the potential to accelerate your brand’s results on TikTok.

Users are more receptive to advertising when they see a brand posting both organic content and paid content.

Not only are the ads less intrusive when scattered across a mix of organic posts, they have more impact.

Awareness and relevance increase when users are exposed to two or more pieces of content from a brand on TikTok.

Source: ICT Tac

Featured Image: PixieMe/Shutterstock