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The first weeks of 2018 are a fact. Have you started the new year full of good intentions? Are you planning to enjoy this year even more? Are you going on a long journey or do you want to increase your living pleasure by installing a new kitchen or bathroom? You can take out a loan so that you actually have the option of making that long journey or financing the renovation. If you already have a loan, chances are that you can save. We also offer the lowest interest rate in the Netherlands in 2018 with the best conditions.

Online loans for very bad credit: Get fast cash immediately after application

We have a suitable loan for every loan target. If the balance on your savings account is insufficient, we offer a solution- you may visit now >>> for an online loan for very bad credit. Our interest is low and our conditions are favorable thanks to the cooperation with our partner banks. You can always repay the loan without penalty and we have developed credit protectors so that you can borrow without worries. You take out the best loan with us based on personal advice.

Personal loan with a fixed low-interest rate

The interest rate is historically low. Do you want to fix this low-interest rate during the term of the loan? Then choose a personal payday loan. Thanks to the fixed interest and term, you pay fixed monthly costs and you will not be faced with any surprises. Revolving credit has a variable interest rate; this loan form offers less certainty.

Save on your loan after transfer

Starting the new year with saving is possible if you transfer your current loan to us. Relocation is free of charge and is possible at any time. Compare your current interest rate with our interest rate and discover the difference online, after calculation. A lower interest rate means lower monthly costs, so money is transferred for other things. Transferring your loan is easy, without a complicated process. You submit the application online and we will handle everything neatly for you.

Home improvement leads to an increase in value

 Home improvement leads to an increase in value

With the disappearance of the interest deduction for residual debt financing, it is important to ensure that the chance of a possible residual debt when selling the home is as small as possible. A well-maintained home sells better than a home with overdue maintenance. Would you like to relocate in the future but is the kitchen due for replacement? Or do you want to create more space with an extension? In the short term, you provide more living enjoyment, in the longer term a better selling price.

A personal loan gives tax benefit

If you take out a personal payday loan for the renovation or improvement in your home, then the interest costs are tax-deductible. The form of revolving credit does not have this tax benefit, so it is a less interesting form of borrowing for this loan purpose.

Obligation-free quote

Want to enjoy more in the short term? Save on your loan so that you have money left over for fun things or take out a loan so that you can start enjoying your new kitchen. Request a quote without obligation and free of charge. Based on your data, our adviser will go through all the options with you so that you receive the best offer. You do not pay any consultancy and closing costs.